This office is a Beach House, says those who work there

Living offices | WyGroup (Lisbon) © André Henriques fb: @ahphoto.portugal ig: @ahphoto_re

A beachfront office on Avenida Marginal in Santo Amaro de Oeiras. That’s why those who work there don’t even call it an office, but rather Casa da Praia. Divided into three main open-space areas, the WYgroup space was created “in response to the sharing done by all those who work there”, describes the Living Offices project. “Employees were involved in the process, sharing what they would like to see in the new office.”

This gave rise to a large reception area, “which turns into an amphitheatre when necessary” – such as for one or two sunsets and presentations -, an area with several meeting rooms and another with “lots of tables for hot-desking”. The beach inspiration is everywhere: it starts when you look out of the window, facing it, and goes through the macramé decorations, maritime motifs and an installation reminiscent of the sea.

There is also “an area that runs along the glass façade of the building, with comfortable sofas and tables, balconies or a surfboard that acts as a swing”.

This is a space for leisure, but where it’s also possible to work – even though those who are there may not even feel that they are doing so. This is the third episode of the fifth season of the Living Offices series, which P3 has been following since 2017. A project created by Lemon Works to “showcase and celebrate Portuguese offices that make a difference to people’s lives”. The Porto startup was founded in 2016 by computer engineer Luís Alberto Simões and architect Sofia Reis to help companies find and create “good” places to work. Find out more about this office on the project’s website.

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