Sublime Beach Club,

The biggest inspiration for the Sublime Beach Club was the Hotel Sublime itself. 
We knew we wanted big windows that already are a main feature in the hotel, bringing nature into the interiors. In this case we are surrounded by sea and sandy dunes.The materials couldn’t be more Comporta. Inspired by the rough woods of the cabanas (small typical wooden houses) in cais palafitico (palafitte quay), we covered all the walls, and the thatch for the roofs was a must have. We really wanted a beach cabana but with a more contemporary and sophisticated twist, although in a very relaxed manner.
In the inside ceiling, we mimicked the traditional cane work, with natural sisal rope.For the hallway of the bathrooms, we wanted it to feel almost like a jewel, since is the back drop of the main room, and seen from every angle.The washbasins are like rocks from the bottom of the sea, and then we combined them with very delicate sculptures made from seashells.
In this project there’s a fine equilibrium of delicate and strong, of dark and bright, big scale and small scale.

Architecture: Jose Alberto Charrua
Interior design: Andringa Studio

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