Maison Rizière,

While working with Vera Iachia, Rita helped Louis Albert de Broglie to create his Portuguese retreat.
The rice fields where the perfect setting for this house that combines the vernacular architecture from Comporta with traditional houses from Timor.
Focusing on natural materials and simple designs that blend seamlessly with the surroundings. With a smart layout that offers privacy and natural beauty with rice fields in the backdrop, the houses are wooden and bamboo cabanas, as well as white masonry structures with large windows and open-air design that allows light and breeze to flow in.
We matched the vibrant colors of the nature around to create an exciting atmosphere. Adding simple furnishings made of natural fiber that reflect the local culture. The gardens and the vegetable garden are Louis Albert´s known as the Le Prince Jardinier homage to this land that he loves so much.

Photos: Nicolas Mathéus

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