Comporta Style

Vera Iachia has earned widespread recognition and acclaim for pioneering the captivating “Comporta Lifestyle,” a concept she conceived and brought to life. I was very fortunate to have worked for several years in her Studio in Lisbon. My journey with her was a journey through time, culture, heritage, tradition, design, and magic. Some of my most meaningful relationships were forged there or because of being there. This section of my website is an homage to her, her vision, and to the body of work I have developed while working under her wing. It’s a compelling example of how the past and present can come together in perfect harmony.

A personal note about Vera Iachia:

Vera was an artist. She had an incredible eye for beauty. Vera was passionate about real materials, good proportions, and never afraid of larger scales. Vera’s projects had a sense of calmness and belonging, because she was committed to always work with authenticity and the Genius Loci – in that her style was absolutely recognizable. Vera could be very unpredictable, and that was a feature that we all got used to it in the way she designed her projects. That was something that really made her unique. She loved working with artists and absolutely respected their voices and views. She knew how to surround herself with the right craftsmen, architects, landscapers, sculptures, painters, potters… Vera loved the world and what it had to give her. Throughout her life she became very spiritual, looking for enlightenment and for the truly important nutrients, both for her body and soul. She was very happy in the middle of nature and in Comporta she was home.

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