Rita Andringa

Broad, rigorous and receptive

Lisboa, 1977
Rita Andringa was born in Lisbon but her ancestors come from different places in Europe which probably explains, why she feels so comfortable with diversity and plurality. She graduated from IADE in Lisbon as an Interior Designer in 1999, and since then has collaborated with several Design and Architecture studios in Lisbon. A very important part of her professional journey was spent working with Vera Iachia, a portuguese Interior Designer renowned for her interiors of several houses in Comporta, one of the best kept ecosystems in Portugal. For the past few years she has been working with Louis-Albert de Broglie, known as Le Prince Jardinier and the owner of the French institution DEYROLLE. Together they have been thinking and designing sustainable ecosystems and beautiful gardens. Rita has always been driven towards beautiful things and has always been passionate about Art, History, Gardens and Gastronomy.

"To leverage, in that way, the best of the other. That's what I want. I want my environments to enable the other to be able to be who they are in an evolutionary process in full manifestation."

Rita Andringa


Filipe Rocha

Perceptive, Enterprising, Observant

Lisboa, 1976

Filipe Rocha is an IT manager by training who was enticed by Business Finance from early age. As founder of several businesses and projects he got his experience from praxis. Interior Design became a recente love which he embraces as a natural consequence of the beauty that surrounds him. In addition to his duties in financial management, Filipe is the human resources manager for Andringa Studio as well as the coordinator for all business interactions.

Luis Royal

Aesthete, Visionary, Plural
Product Designer
Funchal, 1974
After graduating in industrial design and specialising in the glass industry, his career quickly settled on design, material/visual culture and consumerism.
For more than 20 years he has developed this experience in communication with the direction of marketing and design projects, with a special taste for projects linked to culture and creativity.
At Andringa Studio he has dedicated himself to managing projects and implementing new business areas, as well as designing equipment and furniture for the studio's projects and for its own collection.
In recent years he has also worked with ceramics and established himself as an author.

Rita Pereira Esteves

Resilient, Reliable, Dedicated
Interior Designer

Lisboa, 1973

After studying architecture for three years, Rita decided that what she really liked was interior design, so she moved to IADE, where she graduated. Rita worked for 16 years at the Vera Iachia interior design office, where she met Rita Andringa and where she perfected designing environments by mixing colours, textures, materials and unique pieces to intensify her love of beauty, tradition and nature. Currently at the Andringa Studio, Rita does what she loves best - participating in projects to create new environments combining simplicity and functionality with comfort.

Mariana Farinha

Serene, Pragmatic, Cheerful
Interior Designer

Lisboa, 1999

Mariana graduated in design from IADE University. During her master’s degree in Product and Environment Design, she fell in love with interior design. In this second academic journey, she became even more interested in the multiple possibilities that an environment can embrace, allowing the visitor to enter and witness different ambiances and sensations. The consonance between the different elements, materiality, and volumes creates unique spaces, this infinite possibility is what she is the most passionate about.

Alexandre Tehmurasp

Nice, Cheerful, Friendly

Lisboa, 1983

His interest in the artistic world manifested itself early on and in 2004 he finished training in Equipment Design at Escola Secundária Artística António Arroio. Architecture has always been his greatest passion, having enroled at Lusíada University of Lisbon, finishing his Masters in Architecture in 2015. Since then, his priority has been training and acquiring new concepts and fundamental technical skills to develop new projects in a creative and effective.

Diana Grilo

Optimistic, Responsible, Creative

Lisbon, 1988
With a Master's degree in Architecture from the Lusíada University of Lisbon, she has always considered interior design to be a discipline inseparable from a space with quality and personality. The way in which both disciplines come together and create something with a unique character is something that inspires and motivates her. Travelling is another passion, which makes itself felt in the way she thinks about and intervenes in each project, with experience in various territories and different cultures.

Natália Centeno

Curious, Resolute, Proactive

S. Paulo, 1998
Natália is an Architect and Urban Planner who earned her degree from Mackenzie University in 2020. Motivated by her inquisitive nature, she embarked on a journey to Portugal, pursuing a master's degree in Product and Space Design at IADE. Since 2018, she has actively collaborated with various Architecture Offices, including Roberto Loeb’s and Isay Weinfeld's. For Natália, each project is a distinctive blend of intricate challenges, imbuing it with a singular essence, narrative and atmosphere. Her passion lies in articulating those unique agents into materiality.

Joana Loureiro

Reliable, Empathetic, Perfectionist
Interior Designer

Lisbon, 1994
Her quest for knowledge and inspiration began at IADE, in Lisbon, where she immersed herself in the world of design. However, it was during her master's studies at Elisava, in Barcelona, that new horizons unfolded, offering her a broader view of design and its value in society. Her multidisciplinary training, in several design fields, gave her a versatile and inclusive approach, when faced with new challenges.
The pursuit of beauty in all its forms is a constant in her life and traveling, a passion that feeds her creativity. For her, there's no greater pleasure than getting lost in local markets brimming with colors, textures, stories, and singularities.

Ana Catarina Silva

Creative, Determined, Spontaneous

Viana do Castelo, 1997
Born in Viana do Castelo, she moved to Lisbon to do her degree in architecture at FAUL. During this journey she also did an exchange in Barcelona. After start working as an architect, she developed a taste for creating environments and the sensations that space conveys. The possibility of exploring her creativity is an essential point in her life, always trying to incorporate her experiences into your work.

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